Edelbrock Carburetor Jet/Rod Fueling Calculator

The Edelbrock Carburetor Jet/Rod Fueling Calculator lets you compare you current jet & rod combination with other possible combinations. It shows the relative percentage increase in cross-sectional area of the jet/rod surface in both power/cruise modes which will give a good indication of the relative fuel flow change. This will allow you to choose your combination of jets and rods compared to your present jetting rather than relying on the base calibration for your carb.

The percentages indicated in the results are relative to the area of the jet/rod combination you select. For example, if you chose the 098 jet and 75/47 rods (Edelbrock 1406 base calibration) and wanted to go richer on both modes, one of the results would be 101 Jets and 1459 (75/47) rods. This would give 108% Rich stage and 115% Lean stage. This means that the rich stage would be 8% richer than the base calibration and the lean stage would be 15% richer than the base calibration.

Warning:This calculator is only an educational tool and is not a substitute for mechanical knowledge, air/fuel testing, dyno time, or your own calculations. No responsibility or warranty is accepted, implied or given in regards to the accuracy or implications of data that may be taken from this site. Fuel changes should only be made by those qualified to do so as it may result in engine damage.

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