Unique Performance In Trouble
Looks like the guys over at Unique Performance have got themselves into a little bit of hot water over rebirthing and vin tampering. Have a look at the video below, tell us what you think in the forums!

Link: CBS
New Canted Valve Windsor Heads
Image of CFE ProKing Heads It looks like there is another Canted Valve (10 degree) head out there now for the SBF! The CFE ProKing heads look to be pretty potent. They also have a few very unusual features such as injector bosses for nitrous or fuel. These sorts of features, combined with a claimed 400+ CFM flow indicate that they're pretty much all out race heads, but at this stage that is speculation. Here are a few of the features listed on their site:
  • 10° Valve Angles.
  • Intake Valve Sizes From 2.180 - 2.225
  • Drag Race Specific 5 axis CNC programs.
  • Machined to Exacting Tolerances, Part to Part Consistency.
  • Raised Intake Port - 2.100".
  • 400+ CFM
  • Cast from Virgin Alloy - A355, Unmatched T-6 Heat Treat

Link: CRE Racing ProKing SBF Heads
363 Cube Cortina
Image of 363 cube windsor One of our members, FRY302, has posted some photos of his awesome ride, a Ford Cortina with a 363 cube naturally apirated windsor:
  • Built by Advanced Performance Machining in Albion Park Rail NSW
  • C4 with 4200 stall convertor by AJ Dominello
  • Braced 9 inch full aluminium Mosar centre,35 spline spool & axles 5/8 studs.
  • 3 1/2" hand made custom exhaust system
He took it out to WSID for the first time last week with the new donk and had a bit of bad luck! The bonnet pins broke with about 50 metres to go, wrapping the bonnet over the roof. He went through the traps under brakes running 11.01@109MPH so he should have a bit more left in it!

If you want to know more about it just have a look in this thread: FRY302's Cortina
Centroid 5 Axis CNC Head Porting

This is a very impressive video showing how CNC porting can be done. The video shows off some of the manufacturing processes that would be found in Air Flow Research heads as well as other brands (like TFS) when their CNC porting options are taken. Well worth a look if you like to see how things are done.

Centroid 5 Axis CNC Head Porting

Edelbrock Carb Fueling Calculator

The Edelbrock Carburetor Jet/Rod Fueling Calculator lets you compare you current jet & rod combination with other possible combinations. This will allow you to choose your combination of jets and rods compared to your present jetting rather than relying on the base calibration for your carb. At the moment it is setup for the 600cfm 1405 and 1406 but we will be adding more rod/jet combinations soon.

Edelbrock 1406 Carburettor Calculator

The 302 BOSS Block is Back!
Image of Ford Racing 302 BOSS Blo Ford Racking Performance Parts has announced that they will be putting a brand new 302 BOSS block into production in early 2007. The new 302 BOSS is supposed to be stronger than the original and will cost substantially less than DART or World alternatives at an RRP of $1759USD.

The new Boss block will feature:
  • 4.125" bore capacity
  • 8.2" deck height
  • Splayed 4-bolt main on 2, 3, 4, maincaps
  • 2-bolt main on first and fifth main caps
  • Fits factory Mustang oil pan with custom oil pickup tube
  • Revised oiling and cooling system passageways
  • Siamesed bore with drilled coolant crossover holes
  • Increased bulkhead material
  • Threaded core plugs, like original Boss 302
  • ½" head bolts
  • Uses common OD cam bearings M-6261-J351/R351

Source: Ford Racing
Brochure: 302 Boss Block
Marshall's Awesome 5.0 Windsor engine bay

Image of 5.0 windsor engine bay and custom intake Here is a superb piece of work from down-under! Marshal has done wonders with the windsor in his mustang (which is itself a fabulous piece of work). His engine has a symetrical, custom made, sheet metal intake that is extremely impressive. Stay tuned for more info!

Shelby GT350 & GT500 Sold at the Sydney Motorshow!

There was a beautiful pair of Shelby Mustangs for sale at the Shannons auction at the recent Sydney Motorshow in Australia. Both cars were expected to bring in top end bids, and true to form, both cars sold for $150,000 and $189,000 respectively. To have a look at these beautiful cars follow the links below:

Shelby GT350
Shelby GT500

Firing Orders

Windsor (289, 302, 5.0, 5.0HO, 351) Firing Order & Cylinder numbering

Firing Orders

Nearly 100 Entries in HP DB!

We have nearly 100 engines that have been entered into the 302w.com HP Database! There are 28 boosted windsors putting out between 300hp and a crazy 1170hp as well as naturally aspirated engines between 140 and 746 hp! Have a look at our db when you want to plan your next engine mods or build up. Know how much power your combo makes? Enter your engine today!

Horsepower Database

Ford Clevors Take Out EMC

Final results are in on the '06 Popular Hot Rodding Engine Masters Challenge, and Ford Clevors took out positions 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6!

Results, in descending order:

Team #1 B.E.S Racing - CHI-headed Clevor
Averages -- 576.7 TQ / 503.7 HP
Total Score = 1080.3
Peak = 714hp

Team #3 Jon Kaase - Pontiac
Averages -- 575.3 TQ / 504 HP
Total Score = 1079.3
Peak = 726hp

Team # 37 RHP/PER/AD - CHI-headed Clevor
Averages -- 566.7 TQ / 493.2 HP
Total Score = 1059.9
Peak = 685hp

Source: 2006 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge Results

Ford Windsor Engine Database

Enter your windsor into our new database or see what combinations put out the most hp!

Engine Database

DIY EFI: Project Megasquirt

Placeholder There are a multitude of players in the aftermarket fuel injection business which leaves the enthusiast with a lot of options. In this article, 302w.com will take you step by step through injecting a carburetted windsor motor using the Megasquirt ECU. This ECU allows for a nearly a huge number of hardware setups, provides laptop tuning facilities and best of all, it is all DIY!

Source: 302w.com - Project Megasquirt - DIY EFI

Radiator arrives

Northern Aluminium radiatorThe replacement for the radiator that has started off my 5.0 roller motor rebuild has arrived! Its a lovely shiney northern radiator that is a direct replacement for the one that came out - transmission lines and all. It should polish up beautifully. Now I just have to wait for the AFR 165's and a whole host of other parts to arrive!

Time For a Rebuild?

Well it certainly is for me! While waiting for a radiator to be shipped I decided to pop the heads on my 302 "while I'm at it". I did this to chase down some valve relates issues - low vacuum, hard starting and low compression in a couple of pots. Upon doing so I discovered a number of burnt valves as well as some rust in one of the cyclinders! Time to look at a build up or a new engine.


Engine Masters - Wicked Windsor In a Box

A lot of being successful in Winston Cup is knowing how to build a lot of power reliably. With the power levels RDI engines were achieving creeping up and many motors going into road-race cars such as Cobras, Preston wanted to make sure that RDI was totally on top of crankshaft reliability. Consider what a busy drag racer may do in two years is, for a road racer, only equivalent to just a single practice session. This is where we pick up the story of our Street Pro 392 this month.

Source: Engine Masters

Ford Windsor Plant Produces Millionth 3-valve V8

The Windsor Engine Plant (WEP) has earned the distinction of building Ford Motor Company's One Millionth 3-valve V-8 – engines that power two of Ford's most popular models.

Source: AllFordMustangs

COME Racing 347ci Ford Windsor Stroker

COME Racing Stroker Crank COME Racing 347ci Ford Windsor Stroker cranks, rods and kits on special COME Racing 347ci Ford Windsor Stroker cranks, rods and kits on special
If you're looking at building a 347 stroker these kits might be worth a look.

Source: COME Racing

SVT Decline

Image of New Shelby gt500 Ford to offer GT500 to all dealers as future of performance brand remains in doubt DETROIT - Beginning with this summer's introduction of the 2007 Shelby GT500, the Ford brand will let all its dealers sell Special Vehicle Team vehicles.

Source: AutoWeek